Precision Laid Block Paving

To Match Your Home

Any home or business can benefit from a decorative NB Contracts block paving driveway. Adding colour and texture through our professionally laid block paving, to any drive is one of the best ways to upgrade the look of your home at a fraction of the cost.

Block Paved Driveways

As well as stunning looks, you’ll benefit from our superior service and exceptional quality. With the strength of our block paving and the deep, firm foundations of our driveways and patios, you won’t need to worry about subsidence, slipping, shifting or cracks.

With a large selection of colours, an array of styles, a number of sizes and a whole host of laying patterns to choose from, with our block paving range the choice really is yours.

Some of our driveway block paving products have been pre-treated with our Surface Protection, guarding against everyday contaminants such as oil, grease, moss, bird droppings, wine and soft drinks to ease cleaning when used on drives and patios. The protection will last 6-10 years in trafficked areas and inhibits efflorescence.

We also offer a specially selected range of block paving sourced from Bradstone to give you even more choice. With block thicknesses up to 80mm the range offers durability only usually found in commercial blocks but with the aesthetic finish to satisfy even the most challenging domestic application.

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During the beginning stages of any block paving project we’ll run through and confirm the proposed design and style of your new block paved drive.

The area for your new driveway will then be marked out leaving a small margin to make the brick laying that much easier.

We also make sure that all services including water, telecoms, electricity and gas are pointed out during this stage.


We’ll dig out the proposed area to a specific depth. Here at NB Contracts we use all of our own diggers to carry out the excavation process and use our own grab lorries to take waste to licensed landfill sites for the excess old soil and materials.

Recycling of Materials

We always aim to recycle and re-use materials where we can so no need to hire your own skip or worry about machinery as we’ve got it covered.

Porous Membrane

A porous membrane will be installed between your new driveway sub-base and underlying layers to prevent any future problems occurring underneath your drive.

Sub-base & Compacting

We then begin laying the foundation of your new driveway by spreading a thick, even layer of sub base material made up of crushed concrete and a hardcore mix.

Our team of professionals use our sit and drive vibrating rollers to compact your sub base evenly.

Drainage & Manhole Covers

After we’ve correctly laid and compacted your sub base, we’ll begin installing any new drainage and manhole covers that may be required.

Kerb Edging

Once your sub base has been correctly laid we work on installing the kerbing and edge courses, all being laid on a solid concrete base. We always make sure that all lines are precise and use backing concrete to support the edge and kerb brickwork if required.

Laying Course

Prior to the block laying stage we’ll spread a level layer of course sand over your drive sub base, the key to a perfect laying course is to create as smooth and even surface as possible which will allow us to lay your bricks a lot easier and save time, and will be compacted in stages.

Block Laying

Our experienced team of bricklayers will lay your blocks in the desired design as discussed with one of our experts in the early preparation stages.

Alignment and compliance

After we’ve correctly laid your block design our team will double check the block alignment before beginning the cutting in process, during this stage attention to detail is a must and we never cut corners.


Cutting-in is just as important as laying an attractive block style, our bricklayers use the utmost precision when measuring and cutting your blocks to fit your block paving design.

Finishing touches

During the finishing touches we usually fix recess trays and gully covers, if necessary.


When our paving experts have finished the cutting-in stage of your new drive, a dry kiln sand will be swept in and any excess sand will be swept away leaving an attractive clean finish.


If required, we can use a clear sealant to finish off and protect your new drive from any accidental staining and all of our driveway installations come complete with NB Contracts 5 year guarantee.

Block Paved Driveways

Our block paved driveways are built using quality materials, we precision lay them by hand. We will never sub contract our work, so every driveway will be laid to our high standards.

Tar & Chip Driveways

Our tar and chip driveways are available in a wide range of stone colours and different sizes. We always use our own plant and machines guaranteeing the quality and high standards for each job we undertake.

Patios & Landscaping

NB Contracts garden patios can be laid using a high quality stone or for that extra special finish, we can use a range of quality granite. We can create the perfect patio for your home and give it that added visual appeal.

Our Work

We trade on our name and have been NB Contracts from the day we began. Unlike many other companies, all the images you see on our website, are our own work. If you see any of these photos on any other website, contact us.

We would like to thank the NB Contracts Team for a magnificent job in preparing, laying and finishing the block paving laid to the front, side and rear of our property. Despite some awful weather conditions they were clean and tidy, where possible, and always left the site usable each evening. I would not hesitate to use them for any future work required. The price quoted was the price charged, even with some minor alterations that we requested. Many Thanks

Peter & Alison Nellies

The NB Contracts team did an excellent job of installing our new driveway and patio. They were very courteous and professional and they left the place clean and tidy. You would never know they had been here if it weren’t for the beautiful improvements they made to our home.

Robert Johnson

We love the way our fencing and gates look, and the block paving driveway looks superb. NB Contracts worked very quickly and did a wonderful job. Now we know exactly who to call for any future projects!

Mr Green

We were Established as NB Contracts in 1998

and have had the same name ever since – We trade on our Reputation.

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