Tar & Chip Decorative Stone

For Any Drive

Our tar and chip driveways are available in a range of stone colours and sizes. We use our own plant and machines guaranteeing the quality and high standards for each job we undertake.

Decorative Stone Driveways

Decorative stone driveways, also known as Tar & Chip driveways is a Resin Bound cost effective alternative to block paving. It is a unique stone & resin overlay system. A Decorative stone resin bound surface is an ideal choice for driveways, patios, around pools and hot tubs.

We can overlay your dull tarmac or concrete or flagged area with one of our range of resin bonded natural stones. Many borders and patterns are available in order to Create a solid surface that will enhance your property and continue to look great for many years to come.

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NB Contracts offer a range of decorative stones to choose from both in style and colour to create a unique and personal feel to your tar and chip driveway, roadway, car park or farm track. A member of our team will run you through our selection during the early preparation stage.

Tar and chip can be applied right over an existing base, such as blacktop, concrete or gravel as long as any old weeds and moss have been cleared and the surface is swept clean before the hot tar can be applied.

Driveway Base

If necessary before applying the hot tar using our own heavy duty machinery to install a base layer for your new tar and chip driveway, roadway, car park or farm track. This process is only required if you have no existing base.

Apply Hot Tar

During this stage we’ll work quickly using our own trusted equipment to spread the hot tar over your existing surface to bind the base to the decorative stone chips.

Unload Stones

We use our own plant and machinery to carefully apply your chosen loose stone onto the hot tar as quickly as possible to avoid the tar from cooling. With small areas being hand laid using industrial surface dressing rakes, our own customised chipping machine followed by our sit and drive roller when it comes to the later compacting stages.

Spread Stones

A layer of your chosen loose stone is then spread over the hot tar by the NB Contracts team and raked to cover using our industrial tar and chip rakes and our customised chipping machine, with any stones falling outside of your driveways edge being raked back in.

Roll Stones

Once the stones have been evenly spread we’ll use our sit and drive roller to press down and embed them into the tar.


We recommend you give your new tar and chip decorative stone driveway at least 48 hours to set before driving on the surface.

Block Paved Driveways

Our block paved driveways are built using quality materials, we precision lay them by hand. We will never sub contract our work, so every driveway will be laid to our high standards.

Tar & Chip Driveways

Our tar and chip driveways are available in a wide range of stone colours and different sizes. We always use our own plant and machines guaranteeing the quality and high standards for each job we undertake.

Patios & Landscaping

NB Contracts garden patios can be laid using a high quality stone or for that extra special finish, we can use a range of quality granite. We can create the perfect patio for your home and give it that added visual appeal.

Our Work

We trade on our name and have been NB Contracts from the day we began. Unlike many other companies, all the images you see on our website, are our own work. If you see any of these photos on any other website, contact us.

We would like to thank the NB Contracts Team for a magnificent job in preparing, laying and finishing the block paving laid to the front, side and rear of our property. Despite some awful weather conditions they were clean and tidy, where possible, and always left the site usable each evening. I would not hesitate to use them for any future work required. The price quoted was the price charged, even with some minor alterations that we requested. Many Thanks

Peter & Alison Nellies

The NB Contracts team did an excellent job of installing our new driveway and patio. They were very courteous and professional and they left the place clean and tidy. You would never know they had been here if it weren’t for the beautiful improvements they made to our home.

Robert Johnson

We love the way our fencing and gates look, and the block paving driveway looks superb. NB Contracts worked very quickly and did a wonderful job. Now we know exactly who to call for any future projects!

Mr Green

We were Established as NB Contracts in 1998

and have had the same name ever since – We trade on our Reputation.

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